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LG goes after Sonos with a new lineup of wireless speakers

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Sonos' total dominance of the multi-room audio market shows no signs of letting up, but that's not stopping other companies from trying. LG's been at it for a while now, and tonight it's introducing three new speakers meant to convince consumers that yes, better options than Sonos just might exist. The smallest new member of LG's Music Flow lineup can run on battery power, giving it a standout feature compared to Sonos' entry-level Play:1 speaker.

LG NP8350
LG NP8350

That model, the NP8350 has a 20-watt rating, and LG is also rolling out three other, more powerful Wi-Fi speakers, led by the 70W NP8740. Three new Wi-Fi soundbars have also been announced tonight, so the Sonos Playbar is also getting some fresh competition. Similar to the Sonos system, you can pair LG's Wi-Fi speakers with the company's soundbar and set them to operate as rear left and right channels for a true surround experience during movies.

Will any of this help LG make a run at Sonos? Maybe not.

The app that controls LG's multi-room audio setup has gotten some less-than-kind reviews on Android and iOS, but the company is still big on pointing out things that separate it from Sonos. You can request songs and playlists with the Line messaging app, and LG's speakers will automatically take over music duties from your phone when you walk within one foot.

Will any of this help LG make a run at Sonos? Maybe not. As another season of holiday sales will likely soon demonstrate, Sonos seems to have landed on the perfect formula of decent-enough hardware combined with an intuitive smartphone app. Clearly LG, Samsung, and others want consumers to give them a look before buying into Sonos, but it won't be an easy climb. That's doubly true since we can't yet tell you how much these latest LG speakers will cost. LG isn't revealing pricing yet, but we expect to hear more at CES very soon.