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The FAA explains how to 'stay off the naughty list' with your new drone

The FAA explains how to 'stay off the naughty list' with your new drone

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The modern holiday scene: snow falling gently outside, a log fire crackling in the corner, a whirling 3-foot quadcopter wrapped neatly for the big day. Drones have finally become cheap, fun, and easy enough to control that they make good gifts for the festive season. But that means that where tech-savvy families would have had to remember to wrap batteries alongside holiday gifts, now they need to worry about Federal Aviation Administration flight regulations.

Thankfully, the FAA has you covered. The government authority has released a video detailing the best practices for new drone pilots, explaining how people can "stay off the naughty list" by keeping their flying machines under 400 feet, and never letting them out of their sight. The FAA is still yet to produce definitive regulations for the private flying of drones, but it's clear that it's nailed the spirit of Christmas. "It's that time of year," the video's robotic narrator explains, "when kids of all ages will receive presents for the holidays. Many will be excited when they unwrap the box and find an unmanned aircraft!"