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This Better Call Saul trailer gives the best look yet at the Breaking Bad spinoff

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After months of coyness, we've finally got a clear look at the upcoming Better Call Saul. Unlike previous glimpses of the Breaking Bad spin-off, AMC's new 30-second trailer shows a more coherent montage of images from the life of amoral rascal Jimmy McGill, who eventually reinvents himself as the Jewish lawyer Saul Goodman for the "homeboys" who want "a pipe-hitting member of the tribe." Here, we see Jimmy dramatically declaring that someone will atone for an undisclosed sin, Jimmy gagged and dropped onto the ground, and Jimmy being advised that his line of work can result in one being "so caught up in winning" that they "forget to listen to their heart." The premiere will air in February over the course of two nights: Sunday, February 8th and Monday, February 9th at 10PM ET.