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Keurig is recalling 7 million coffee makers because they're burning people

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Whether you like Keurig or not, a whole lot of people are about to unwrap one of the company's single-serve brewing machines under the Christmas tree. As it turns out, a large number of those gift recipients will probably need to be wait a few days or weeks before using their new coffee maker. Keurig Green Mountain has announced a recall affecting roughly 7 million of its K10 Mini Plus Brewing Systems manufactured between 2009 and 2014. That's a long time, so if you already own one of the K10 units, you can see if you're part of the recall by checking out its serial number; if it starts with 31, you should probably request a repair kit and Starbucks handle your coffee needs for now.

Keurig label

If the number on this label starts with 31, you're at risk of getting burned.

If you don't, you run the risk of being sprayed with scalding hot water — which is really the worst possible outcome of interacting with a coffee maker. Keurig's already received 90 burn-related injury reports, so it's a legitimate threat. The company says it's gotten over 200 reports from customers documenting hot liquid escaping from the K10, and the problem seems to occur most often when customers prepare more than two cups in quick succession. Combine this mess with Keurig's DRM-protected 2.0 brewing system (which has already been compromised), and you'll see why the company hasn't exactly enjoyed a sterling reputation of late.