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Watch the beauty of virtual spaceflight in this amazing new Star Citizen trailer

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'It's all about feeling like I'm in the world.'

Space exploration in video games is starting to look incredible. From No Man's Sky to Elite: Dangerous, there's a new wave of upcoming games that promise to let you explore virtual universes of enormous scope and detail — and few are as ambitious as Star Citizen. The crowdfunded game, which has raised close to $70 million to date, will feature everything from space trading to first person combat, and it promises to do it all in a beautiful, hand-crafted sci-fi universe.

"For me, it's all about feeling like I'm in the world," director Chris Roberts told The Verge back in August, discussing Star Citizen's attention to detail. It's impossible to know whether it will live up to its lofty goals, but the latest trailer for the game, which uses all in-game footage, shows how amazing it could be if the developers manage to pull it off — and it's hard not to get excited by the possibilities. The game is being released in parts, but the full release for PC and Linux is expected sometime in 2016.

Star Citizen