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Vizio mocks and destroys the curved TV trend in this new 'infomercial'

Vizio mocks and destroys the curved TV trend in this new 'infomercial'


A lighthearted but brutal takedown of curved displays

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Vizio's got Samsung in its sights. A new ad released today by the US-based TV manufacturer is lighthearted in tone, but it's also a brutal takedown of the curved TV concept that Samsung, LG, and others have been pitching to consumers over the last couple years. The "revolutionary, remarkable, radical piece of technology" that's the centerpiece of Vizio's mock infomercial is a ridiculous set of Anti-Curve Glasses that will turn your curved TV into "a beautiful flatscreen." You know, the very kind of TV that Vizio specializes in and sells a ton of.

This is the company that's already kicked 3D to the curb, so it's no surprise to see Vizio tackling what many consider to be a gimmick meant to tempt TV shoppers into an early upgrade. The company hits on all the common complaints, with viewing angles chief among them; Vizio jabs its competition with a "seating chart" that shows the only real good place to sit in front of a curved TV is dead center. Advocates of the curve insist it cuts down on glare and actually improves the viewing experience, but Vizio's not having any of that.

Curved TV seating chart

Vizio's new campaign is all meant to draw focus on its P-Series TV lineup, which offers some of the most affordable 4K sets on the market right now. Sure, you could argue that 4K itself is overkill and most people won't notice any dramatic difference at normal viewing distances. The content's still not there to the extent we'd like it to be, either. But if the choice is 4K versus a curved display, Vizio seems pretty confident it's settled on the better "gimmick." Vizio and Samsung constantly trade spots on Amazon's TV best-seller list, so it was only a matter of time before Vizio turned its attention to the competition. Even so, whereas it's become common in the smartphone wars, we've rarely seen TV makers get so direct. Your move, Samsung.

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