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Watch this bush burn for 11 hours in bizarre Exodus film promotion

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Ridley Scott's elegiac Exodus: Gods and Kings has a new promotional video of sorts: an 11-hour-long performance starring the iconic burning bush, a sweeping orchestral score, and endlessly scrolling text extracted from the Bible. That is the entirety of it. At no point does any semblance of action surface from this dull but aurally impressive sequence. We aren't even accorded the luxury of hearing the foliage narrate the passages. It's unclear as to what 20th Century Fox was hoping to accomplish with this video, but it does at least make for some easy listening.

Scott's modern-day $140 million interpretation of the titular exodus stars big names like Christian Bale and Sigourney Weaver. Although ostensibly based on the Israelites' flight from Egypt, the movie took certain liberties with the source material, with its usage of alligators and an action-hero Moses. Despite these issues, the Bible-inspired tour de force did extraordinarily well in the box office with a $24.5 million debut. Exodus: Gods and Kings is already out in theaters.