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@AP_Planner is your completely random guide to future news

@AP_Planner is your completely random guide to future news

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Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

The Associated Press sets the style standard for much of journalism. It gathers news most reporters can't reach. Tweeting fake stories from one of its accounts can send a shiver through the stock market. It will also remind you to prepare for World Kidney Day.

This is the AP Planner Twitter account, an idiosyncratic guide to holidays, anniversaries, and events. It tweets a few times a day, mostly about politics, entertainment, and celebrity birthdays: yesterday's, for the record, included Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder.

The catch is that it's a collection of free samples from the far larger and more comprehensive AP Planner, a rolling calendar that other news outlets can buy subscriptions to. So instead of getting a selection of the most relevant news, you'll find a curio cabinet of pretty much random things occurring tomorrow, a week away, a month away, 50 days away, and 100 days away.

In the months and months I've scrolled back, I've found exactly one retweet from another AP account: apparently The Interview was big enough to merit its own AP Planner update.

It would make the best wall calendar ever.

And it would make sure you never, ever, ever missed Christmas.