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LG will build a stereo camera system for driverless Mercedes-Benz cars

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New partnership will see LG manufacturing key components for the autonomous Mercedes-Benz vehicles of the future

The future of driving, it appears, won't require much driving at all. LG and Mercedes-Benz have this morning announced plans to co-develop a stereo camera system to be used in future autonomous vehicles. Using multiple cameras to detect what's in front of the car, and how far out in front, is the first step to giving it the self-awareness necessary to take the burden of driving away from the driver. It's also the first step in what both companies hope will be a productive and long-lasting partnership. In an emailed statement to The Verge, LG explains that it will be responsible for providing the "core components" of the driverless Mercedes-Benz cars of the future.

Self-driving cars are a major focus of research and development at present, with a mix of established tech and auto heavyweights — like Google and Audi — leading the charge. Now the two industries are coming together in what LG and Mercedes-Benz describe as a marriage of two globally recognized brands and an opportunity to "create a masterpiece worthy of the luxury automobile."