New trailers: Entourage, Better Call Saul, In the Heart of the Sea, and more

All the shows and movies you should be looking out for


It may be a slow, restful holiday week, but new trailers are still coming out — including one particularly big one. Head below to see seven of this week's best new trailers, including the first for the Entourage movie.


After a few years off the air, Entourage is coming back — and this time it's headed into theaters. The first trailer for the Entourage movie premiered this week, and it's as wild and bro-heavy as you probably hoped. Plus, there's a first look at Vince's latest extravagant film. It'll be in theaters June 5th.

Better Call Saul

Breaking Bad fans don't have to wait that much longer to start getting their fill of Saul Goodman again. AMC has been releasing more and more teasers for Better Call Saul as the spinoff series' February 8th premiere approaches, and each one just makes us want to see it even more.


Focus is about Will Smith being a cool dude and a con man and getting mixed up in a convoluted scheme that almost definitely does not turn out well. Con movies always look like a lot of fun, and this trailer certainly plays to that. That said, Focus will be out in February, which is never the most promising sign that a studio has faith in a film.

In the Heart of the Sea

This isn't Moby-Dick, but it is the story that inspired it. Ron Howard's In the Heart of the Sea is about the huge whale's attack on the ship Essex and its crew's attempt to survive the destruction. Howard seems to be shooting it as though it were a big action film, but it sounds like the film could be more about survival than the trailer lets on. It'll be in theaters on March 13th.

Punk's Dead

Here's the trailer for the long awaited sequel to SLC Punk!, the cult-classic comedy about punks in Salt Lake City that came out back in 1998. Be warned: this trailer is definitely not edge. The film will be out sometime next year.


Hits is the directorial debut of David Cross, which is reason enough to pay attention to it. The film is a send up of the world's obsession with fame and going viral in the age of YouTube, and a number of great comedians pop up in the trailer to have some fun with it. There's no word on when you'll be able to see Hits, but it sounds like it'll be distributed over BitTorrent's pay bundles.

Woman in Gold

Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds' new film is based on the true story of a woman who tried to recover a famous work of art that had been stolen from her family by Nazis and later wound up in an Austrian museum. Woman of Gold is meant to be a total heart-warmer, and the bad jokes between Mirren and Reynolds weirdly help to sell it. It'll be in theaters April 3rd.

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