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Seth Rogen and James Franco livetweet The Interview just three days after release

Seth Rogen and James Franco livetweet The Interview just three days after release

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It's a fairly regular occurrence now for actors and directors to livetweet along with their movies months or years after their theatrical release, but Seth Rogen and James Franco's tweet-a-long viewing of The Interview, held today at 2PM using the hashtag #TheInterview, is unprecedented. It's only three days since The Interview, the bro-comedy that sees both Rogen and Franco infiltrate North Korea to kill Kim Jong-un, officially hit theaters and download services. Rogen, who co-directed the movie, noted the speed at which the movie made it to the small screen.

The session, featuring comments from stars Franco, Rogen, and co-director Evan Goldberg, was advertised by Twitter's own account. Rogen took the role of organizer, telling co-viewers — who'd presumably obtained their copy of The Interview through one of a number of services offering the movie — when to press play, and providing a timestamp some halfway through the film for viewers at home to catch up.

The actor used the time to add comment and context to most of the movie, interspersing behind-the-scenes facts about shooting locations, music rights, mine shafts, and the best way to film an exploding head with ruminations on life in modern North Korea. Did you know that millions of North Koreans are starving? Also, that's Rogen's actual dog at the end of the movie!

James Franco, for his part, turned up an hour into the livetweet session. The actor got straight down to business.