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Twitter error kicks Android app users out of their accounts

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Normality is returning to mobile Twitter. After a period during which the official Android Twitter app was inaccessible, some users are now reporting that they can access their accounts on their Android devices again. Twitter's mobile site is back up after some downtime, and Tweetdeck, which was showing recently posted tweets as being sent a year ago, appears to be back to working order.

Twitter's desktop web client and iOS app remained functional throughout, and although Tweetdeck thought new tweets were a year old, the client was still showing new posts. It's not yet clear what caused this odd error, but according to one Twitter user, Twitter's server may have thought it was already 2015. The company acknowledged the login issues on its status blog, and said it fixed the error just after midnight ET.

Update 11:45PM ET, December 28th: Users are now reporting they can access Android Twitter, and Tweetdeck is now showing the correct timestamps.