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Samsung set to discontinue Galaxy Alpha in favor of cheaper phones

Samsung set to discontinue Galaxy Alpha in favor of cheaper phones


Production of the metal Alpha will reportedly end when the current inventory of materials runs out

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The Galaxy Alpha might have been among the best phones Samsung ever produced — it's certainly the prettiest — if it weren't for a couple of stumbles: the battery didn't last long enough and its full flagship price forced it to compete against better-rounded rivals. Now, just a few brief months after its introduction, the Alpha is reportedly being supplanted by its successor Galaxy A5, which will take over as the leading Samsung handset for the mid-range market.

ET News reports that the Galaxy A5, which launched in China last month, is being brought over to South Korea as part of Samsung's effort to "take the bull by the horns" and reorganize its slumping smartphone division. The 5-inch A5 is a continuation of the Alpha's design philosophy, emphasizing thinness and higher-quality metal construction, though it opts for a tamer spec sheet that will allow it to be priced at a more competitive 400,000 won (roughly $360). The report states that the A5 will be arriving in Samsung's home country in January or February, while the Galaxy Alpha will be phased out as production ramps down once the current inventory of materials is exhausted.

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