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The first Terminator: Genisys poster and 15-second teaser have arrived

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True to form the Terminator franchise just won’t die, with a new "living poster" (essentially a tiny video tease, below) released for the latest installmentTerminator: Genisys. The theatrical release is set for July 1st, 2015 but a full-length trailer is promised for this Thursday perhaps building on the hour glass motif used below.

Genisys will be the fifth title in the series with Hollywood's own aging robot, Arnold Schwarzenegger, reprising the T-800 role he first played 30 years ago in The Terminator. The action itself will take place in an alternative timeline where Sarah Connor was orphaned at a young age and raised by Arnie's friendly Terminator. Other familiar faces on board include Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke (playing Sarah Connor herself) and Doctor Who’s Matt Smith in an as-yet unknown "major role."

Update: Ahead of tomorrow's full-length trailer, a 15-second teaser has been released showing a T-1000 (liquid metal!) model in action and Schwarzenegger with a naked (in the robotic sense) hand.