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The FXX K is the most extreme Ferrari ever made

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How do you take one of the most ridiculous hypercars ever produced, the Ferrari LaFerrari, and give it some extra juice? Ferrari, unbelievably, has an answer: the FXX K, which will be shown in public for the first time at Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina circuit next weekend.

As the name suggests, the FXX K is a member of Ferrari's XX program, which is pretty unique in the automotive world: basically, the company finds super-rich fanatics of the brand and sells them ridiculous development prototypes that never leave Ferrari's possession. XX cars aren't street legal; when their owners aren't racing them under Ferrari's watchful eye, it maintains them on their behalf. The program began with the Enzo-based FXX, progressed to the 599-based 599XX, and has finally made its way to the LaFerrari.

Like the LaFerrari before it, the FXX K is a hybrid, but both the gasoline V12 engine and electric motor have been tweaked for more output. Combined, the two systems put out 1,035 horsepower, up from a mere 949 horsepower in the standard model. Of course, you can't take the FXX K on the streets — you can't even take it away from Ferrari.

The FXX K produces nearly 1,200 pounds of downforce at 124 miles per hour, which comes in handy as you're whipping it around some of the most challenging race courses in the world beside your fellow billionaires. But even if you have the money for this car — Ferrari hasn't disclosed pricing — it's almost certainly a lost cause: as with many of Ferrari's most exclusive vehicles, this is a don't-call-us, we'll-call-you situation.