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Samsung's new 360-degree speakers look like friendly robots

A week ahead of CES 2015, Samsung has given us a glimpse of two new pill-shaped speakers it'll show off at the event. The speakers, which resemble a sleek cross between Eve from Wall-E and a Portal turret, can project sound in a 360-degree radius. Samsung says the effect, made possible with the company's proprietary "Ring Radiator" technology, "fills a room with sound."

360-degree speakers aren't totally new — a number of devices, including our favorite bluetooth speaker, the UE Boom, spit out sound in a circle — but Samsung's new devices certainly look pretty. The larger WA7500 is designated "stand type" and is designed to be left in place, while Samsung says the WA6500, which includes a built-in battery, is "movable type." Both devices display the Bluetooth logo, showing they'll be able to connect to sound sources using the wireless technology. Samsung says the speakers can fit in with "any home decor," but given the design, they might look best if your home was recently refurbished by a sentient robot. Both versions will be shown off at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, where the company will also offer its first look at new entries in its range of soundbars for curved TVs.


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