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Samsung's new Milk VR app streams 360-degree video to Gear VR headset

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Starting today, Samsung's giving you more to do with its Gear VR virtual reality headset. The company has launched a new app, Milk VR, that delivers immersive, 360-degree videos to the Galaxy Note 4-powered platform. (By the way, we really wish Samsung would move away from the truly awful "Milk" branding.) Available now as a technical preview, every video served up by Milk VR is free to watch. Some are streamable and others can be downloaded, and Samsung has vowed to deliver new clips on a constant basis. Each video spans one to ten minutes in length, according to TechCrunch, so you'll probably run out of entertainment options pretty quickly on day one.

But keep in mind that while nothing's stopping you from buying one, the Gear VR really isn't meant to be in consumer hands just yet. Samsung's still getting developers accustomed to its own collaboration with Oculus, which relies on the flagship Note 4 to power the whole experience. But at least early adopters now have something more to do with the $199 headset.