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Time Warner Cable and Comcast rank as worst companies for customer satisfaction

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Comcast and Time Warner Cable are once again at the bottom of the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, ranking them as the companies whose customers are most disappointed with the quality of their products and services. The new rankings were reported in MarketWatch, which says that TWC's internet service was lowest on the list, followed by TWC's TV service, and then Comcast's internet service.

What happens when the two worst companies combine?

That Comcast and TWC are at the bottom of the list should be of very little surprise. Comcast is so notoriously awful that it actually appointed someone to focus specifically on improving its interactions with customers, and both Comcast and TWC were actually already at the bottom of the ACSI for both cable TV and internet service earlier this year. As a reminder, these two companies are now attempting to merge.

Comcast does appear to be making some improvements in the customer relations area. It's beginning to give some customers a 30-minute warning for when a cable technician is on their way — an improvement over a two-hour window that might be totally missed — and it's also starting to let customers sign up to have a service representative call them, rather than requiring customers to wait on hold indefinitely. But those are still only two issues out of many, and Comcast has plenty left to address.