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The new Tesla Model S P85D shames the old model in the quietest drag race ever

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We've known how fierce the acceleration of the Tesla Model S P85D is ever since we got to experience a lap of terror with one back in October. But this new video from DragTimes of it shaming the 2013 version in a drag race puts the power into some serious context. With advantages like dual motors and all-wheel drive, the P85D and its 691 horsepower gives the older model no chance to compete in a race off the line.

Tesla drag race

In a second video — during which the two cars race from a rolling start of 35 mph — the original P85 gets a jump and still gets beat handily by the P85D. According to DragTimes, the combination of 471 horsepower in the rear motor and 221 in the front of the P85D made it outperform its rated torque with a ridiculous 864 ft-lb — which TechCrunch points out is double the amount in the 2015 V8 Ford Mustang. Don't forget, the drivetrain in the new Model S is also what will power the Model X, Tesla's crossover vehicle that was recently delayed until 2015.

Verge Video: 0-60 (in the Dark) in the Tesla P85D