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Bill Murray, Corvettes, and 3D portraits: these are the White House's photos of the year

With just a day to spare, the White House has just released its photographic look back at 2014. Curated by the director and chief White House photographer Pete Souza, the collection of over 100 images was composed from his own work and the work of his staff: Amanda Lucidon, David Lienemann, Chuck Kennedy, and Lawrence Jackson.

While there are a handful of photos of important news events of the year — like Obama meeting with Vladimir Putin, or debating the administration's policy on Syria — the chronological list is heavy on behind-the-scenes material. It features plenty of personal moments between the President, the First Lady, and even the family of some of his staffers ("the President loves babies," Souza writes).

"The President loves babies."

In addition, every frame is captioned with some contextual information from whomever was behind the lens at the time. It's both an impressive display of the photo staff's familiarity with the President — especially Souza, who has photographed Obama since his days as a Senator — as well as a showcase of the exclusive access that has drawn ire from the rest of the general press in recent years.

From the President learning how to code, to the Veep starring on Veep, here are a few of our favorites — but be sure to click through to see them all.

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