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You can now buy the Moto X Pure Edition with 64GB of storage for $599

You can now buy the Moto X Pure Edition with 64GB of storage for $599

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Are the Moto X's storage limits keeping you from buying Motorola's flagship smartphone? If so, those concerns may have just dissolved. Today the company announced that it's now offering its unlocked GSM Pure Edition Moto X — which ships free of carrier cruft and bloatware — with 64GB of storage. That's a new option to go alongside the 16GB and 32GB variants that've been available since the second-gen Moto X launched earlier this year. Going with the Pure Edition is pretty much the only way of getting that much space for your apps, music, movies, documents, and whatever else you cram onto a phone; Motorola doesn't offer the "regular" model with 64GB through any US (or international) carrier. We really wish Motorola would take after Samsung in supporting microSD cards one of these days.

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Going for the new high tier adds $100 to the previous top price of $499, making your final total $599.99 before tax. Tack on a leather or wood back and the price bumps up slightly higher to $624.99. Verizon customers can get a pretty close experience by plunking down $649.99 (or $249.99 on contract) for a 64GB Droid Turbo, but that device still hasn't received Android 5.0 Lollipop. Speedy software updates are one of the major bonuses of going with the Moto X Pure Edition, remember. It's just a shame Motorola didn't have this 64GB Moto X ready in time for those enticing holiday discounts.