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The New Nintendo 3DS loads a secret game when you tap out the Mario theme

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Finally, something the 3DS browser is useful for.

Vine post by a Japanese user alerted me to this bizarre nugget of Nintendo minutia: if you tap out the Super Mario Bros. theme's opening bar on the "new page" screen of the New Nintendo 3DS' browser, your list of most visited sites changes to STAGE SELECT and you get to destroy each URL brick by brick in a Breakout clone. I've confirmed this for myself, as you can see below. It doesn't work on the original 3DS' browser, which has a different interface.

what happens if you tap out the mario theme in the new 3DS browser?

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While the New 3DS and New 3DS XL just saw release in Australia and New Zealand after hitting Japanese store shelves in October, the latest revisions still aren't out in the US or Europe, meaning Nintendo is missing out on a lucrative holiday shopping season. The new models feature an improved 3D effect, a faster processor, and additional controls including a second analog stick.

And now you have one more reason to wait.

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