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Some much-needed paint on a white canvas

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Google’s Material Design has been well-received since it was unveiled as part of the company’s latest Android 5.0 Lollipop release. Apps like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Maps have also been updated with the Material Design style, which is based on colorful shapes and sheets of paper. Google is slowly overhauling its various web apps and services, and designer Aurélien Salomon has taken to Dribble to imagine what would look like with Material Design.

With Google’s Inbox sporting Material Design, the search engine itself is left looking a little dated right now. Salomon’s redesign makes Google look a lot more modern, fresh, and just pretty. The sparse white look of vanishes in favor of a more colorful and animated experience. It matches the rest of Google’s Material Design very closely, but it’s unlikely that Google will ever make such a sudden change to its search engine that millions rely on worldwide.


The big drawback is the unfamiliarity and a sudden change, both of which could force Google to carefully consider any changes it makes to its homepage. The search giant experimented by mimicking Bing’s background images back in June 2010, and removed the change after only a few hours of largely negative feedback. Google experimented once again with homepage changes later in 2010 with an animated HTML5 doodle, and it was met with negative feedback from some users complaining about 100 percent CPU consumption. Any future updates to will likely be subtle and gradual, allowing Google to slowly modernize its search engine without alienating its user base.