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Watch the launch of NASA’s new Orion spacecraft

Watch the launch of NASA’s new Orion spacecraft

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NASA is planning to launch an uncrewed test flight of its new Orion spacecraft today. The test flight will commence with a sunrise liftoff in a first attempt to ready the spacecraft to eventually be used to carry people to Mars in future decades. If NASA is ultimately successful with Orion in future, it will mark the agency’s first crewed spacecraft since the Space Shuttle back in 1981. Though no people are aboard, some precious cargo is: a cookie from Sesame Street's Cookie Monster.

The first launch time was 7:05AM ET, but a boat in launch exclusion area delayed it. The next launch time was 7:17AM, — but the ground winds were too strong, and the launch was pushed back again. A third launch time was given as 7:55, but it too was delayed by wind. So, the launch was rescheduled to 8:26, but was held yet again after a fill and drain valve on the rocket malfunctioned. The valves will be cycled, and then NASA will try again.

The craft has a launch window that will close at 9:44AM There's still time for Orion to blast off today.

Update December 4th, 9:44AM: The Orion launch has been scrubbed for the day because of valve problems in the rocket's boosters. The agency says it will try again tomorrow (Friday) at 7:05AM ET.

NASA's test flight of the Orion spacecraft is underway