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BBC iPlayer now available on Xbox One

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Microsoft’s Xbox One console is getting a much-needed boost in the UK this week with the addition of the BBC’s iPlayer app. The popular service, launched seven years ago, allows Brits to watch shows like Doctor Who and Top Gear on demand shortly after they’re aired on BBC TV stations. Microsoft’s Xbox One console debuted in the UK last year, but lacked the BBC iPlayer app despite it launching on Sony’s PlayStation 4 console at launch. The Xbox One iPlayer app includes support for Kinect commands such as "Xbox, pause."

Alongside the Xbox One launch, the BBC also revealed it’s extending download times for TV shows from seven days to 30 days. This change allows iPlayer users on mobiles, tablets, and computers to download BBC content and watch it later in the month, particularly useful as we head into the holidays. The BBC’s iPlayer app for Xbox One is available immediately in the Xbox One App Store.