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Here's the first promo for the Black Mirror Christmas Special

Here's the first promo for the Black Mirror Christmas Special

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It's been nearly two years since the last new episode of Black Mirror, the fantastic, dark-as-hell British sci-fi series created by Charlie Brooker (which you should absolutely be watching right now), but the wait is nearly over: behold, our first glimpse of "White Christmas," the Black Mirror Christmas. There's nothing like Oona Chaplin screaming into an endless, shapeless white void to get us all in the holiday spirit!

We don't know too much about the plot of the special right now, aside from Channel 4's statement in a press release: "It will be the most mind-bending episode yet, showcasing three interwoven stories of Yuletide techno-paranoia." (Let's be real, is there any other kind of techno-paranoia?) From the looks of the promo, the special will feature, among other things, some kind of IRL block function, Rafe Spall indulging in some powdered gravy, and Jon Hamm as a kind of shady call-center neo-Hitch.

Look at Jon Hamm go

Look at Hamm go, though! I personally can't wait to see him cut loose in Brooker's nightmareverse and, ideally, sweep that Made For TV Movie Emmy category. The special airs December 16th on Channel 4 in the UK, and on Christmas Day on DirecTV here in the states.