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Somehow, this mash-up of Miley Cyrus and the Serial podcast just works

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Did Adnan Syed murder Hae Min Lee? If not, who did? What's the deal with Jay, anyway? What if Sarah Koenig did it all along? And who is threatening that poor "Mail Kimp" girl?

Turns out we've been asking the wrong question the whole time. The really, truly important question to ask here is, what does Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" sound like remixed with the "Serial" theme? And why does it work so damn well? And do we have to say Miley ... "Kyrus" now?

We're calling it the best Miley Cyrus / Serial mash-up of all time.*

Stay with it. 1:58. Just trust us.

* Note: to our knowledge, there exists no other Miley Cyrus / Serial podcast mash-up, but if you know of another, we are very happy to be wrong Update: there's at least one other from Funny or Die and Dan Chamberlain. After weighing our options, we've decided this version is still the best because of 1:58.