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Ryan Reynolds will play Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds will play Deadpool

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Last time we checked in on Deadpool, the movie went from a proverbial graveyard to a confirmed 2016 release thanks to leaked test footage. At the time, it was assumed that Ryan Reynolds would still play the lead role, given attachment to the project since its inception and continued vocal support ever since.

Deadline today reports that Fox is "closing a deal" with Reynolds, and also today, the actor himself posted this on Twitter:

It's not as official as a press release, but I think it's safe to say at this point we can stop cautiously assuming and just safely assume he's dead set on playing the so-called Merc with a Mouth in Fox's X-Men spinoff. Production will begin in March and the rest of the original crew is still on board.

The probably-PG-13 Deadpool is set for release February 12th, 2016.