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Amazon is launching its own line of premium baby products

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Amazon is launching a line of diapers and baby wipes that are available exclusively to Prime subscribers. The new offering — completely separate from the Amazon-owned — is branded Amazon Elements, and eventually it'll expand to include other "premium, everyday essentials with transparent origins." And Amazon's making a big deal about being transparent with its latest initiative. For every Amazon Elements item, you'll be able to see "when and where items were made, why each ingredient was included, where the ingredients were sourced" and other details. Researching an item is pretty simple and fast; you just scan a code on its box with Amazon's mobile app for Android, iOS, or Fire OS.

If you're wondering why all that info is necessary, Amazon says it wants to meet the "high standards" of its loyal Prime subscribers, and the company feels it can help those customers make informed decision by offering background on how each product is made. It lets parents feel good about their buying decisions, and also adds yet another perk that could hook consumers on Amazon's $99-per-year Prime service. What comes after newborn essentials? Amazon isn't yet saying, but TechCrunch spotted a mention of "vegetable juice beverages" on the retailer's site, so those would be a good guess.