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Secretary of State Kerry wants to delay release of CIA torture report

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The long-delayed Senate report on US torture techniques has hit another roadblock, and may not be released any time soon. According to a new report from Bloomberg View, Secretary of State John Kerry has asked committee chair Diane Finestein (D-CA) to delay the release of the report, which had been scheduled for next week. The request comes at the end of long negotiations with the CIA over which portions of the report will be redacted — negotiations made more awkward by the recent revelations that the CIA spied on Feinstein's official computers as her office compiled the report. Secretary Kerry says the current geopolitical climate is too sensitive to allow for the release of the report, although he supports its eventual publication.

Still, the request places a serious roadblock at the end of what has already been an extremely difficult path to publication. A leaked summary of the report suggests it will reveal widespread and graphic oversteps by the CIA's detention and interrogation program, which may be politically incendiary no matter when it is released. Delaying the report beyond next week means the decision will fall to her successor as committee chair, the Republican Senator Robert Burr, who may block the release entirely. On the other hand, releasing the report over Kerry's objections could cast Feinstein as personally responsible for any of the resulting fallout.