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Star Trek 3 has lost its director

Star Trek 3 has lost its director

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Musical chairs on the deck of the Starship Enterprise. Roberto Orci is no longer the director of Star Trek 3. Orci, who co-wrote the first two films with longtime writing partner Alex Kurtzman, stepped into the role after J. J. Abrams went to Star Wars.

No word on the reasons for Orci's departure, but this would've been Orci's first time directing a major film. As for who'll replace him, Deadline (who first reported the news, followed closely by THR and Variety) suggesting Edgar Wright and others "are on a short list to take the job." Wright seems an odd choice — both he and the franchise have very distinct, somewhat contrarian styles — but if he wants to put Scotty (Simon Pegg) on a planet with his long lost pal "Nick" (Nick Frost) and rekindle their friendship while running away from evil tribbles, yes, we'd definitely watch that.

Barring any changes, Star Trek 3 will reportedly hit theaters in 2016.