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You can now 3D-print the new Star Wars lightsaber

You can now 3D-print the new Star Wars lightsaber


Bring the internet's favorite conversation piece offline

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By this time next year, the crossguard lightsaber seen in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser will be in every toy store for about $25 (our estimate based on current market value for plastic lightsaber toys). But why wait? If you happen to have access to a 3D printer, you can create your own 3D printer using these files provided by Le FabShop and a lot of PLA filament. Then, present the lightsaber to your most pedantic friends to argue (in a physical space) whether or not the hilt is really protective, hazardous, or just really cool. (Full-length black cowl and the gravely voice of Andy Serkis are not included.)

Friendly reminder: it's only been about eight days since the 88-second teaser came out and already we're already inundated with an abundance of awesome fan-made creations.