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Wu-Tang Clan's 'A Better Tomorrow' video is a powerful tribute to nationwide protesters

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"A Better Tomorrow," the title track from Wu-Tang Clan's new album, is a powerful and contemplative song about social injustice, racial violence, and police brutality, anchored by Teddy Pendergrass's haunting vocals from 1975's "Wake Up Everybody." So it's especially fitting that the accompanying video, released just last night, incorporates dramatic footage of the peaceful and ongoing nationwide protests for both Michael Brown and Eric Garner — just two of countless unarmed people of color that have died tragically at the hands of the police.

Audio from the protest footage cuts in throughout the video; large, culturally diverse crowds chanting "I can't breathe" and "Hands up don't shoot." It also incorporates several segments from President Barack Obama's speech from Wednesday's Tribal Nations Conference, ending on this particularly poignant message:

"And it is incumbent upon all of us, as Americans, regardless of race, region, faith, that we recognize this is an American problem, and not just a black problem or a brown problem or a Native American problem. This is an American problem. When anybody in this country is not being treated equally under the law, that's a problem."

Much of the footage used in "A Better Tomorrow" is at most days old. The protests remain ongoing.