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This is what the new Uncharted looks like on the PlayStation 4

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Rich in detail but still a work in progress

Today at Sony's first-ever PlayStation Experience event, the company showed off the first real-time gameplay footage of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End — originally announced in November 2013 and due out sometime next year.

So far, the game itself looks strikingly familiar in style to past incarnations — our Indiana Jones-esque protagonist Nathan Drake is seen climbing around lush environments while delivering exasperated one-liners to no one in particular. Eventually he finds himself in the company of more nefarious looters and takes to sneaking, punching, and shooting.

What's new here is graphic fidelity, and the footage we're seeing is rich in texture — from the rustle of foliage to the dust-up of stray bullets hitting rock. (It's worth noting that at one point during the live event stream, the game seemed to glitch as Drake fell into unfinished... uncharted territory. That glitch isn't present in the official gameplay video, above.) The animation, particularly with close quarter combat, looks more detailed and nuanced.