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20 years of PlayStation never looked so cute

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I got a PlayStation in the summer of 1996. I remember being a little bitter that my aunt didn't get me a Saturn because I really wanted to play Nights into Dreams... I never did get around to owning a Saturn and I've never even played a minute of Nights, but I have to admit my aunt was clearly onto something. I only have the fondest memories of playing PlayStation way back when. Which makes Sony's cute little tribute to its video game history a success, since it hits all the right nostalgia notes.

At today's PlayStation Experience keynote, Sony showed off this little retrospective for their consoles to celebrate the brand's 20th anniversary. Built on the LittleBigPlanet engine, it shows the likes of Parappa the Rapper, Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, Kratos, and Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us among others, all played by Sackboy, who mugs for the camera with glee. It's the sort of thing you can't help but watch more than once. Have a look.