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Did you know your PlayStation 4 has a customizable faceplate?

Did you know your PlayStation 4 has a customizable faceplate?


No? That's because Sony just made it up

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The PlayStation 4 wasn't originally designed to have swappable faceplates, but that isn't stopping Sony from rolling out a new way to customize your console. The company has quietly announced a new program called Project Skylight at the PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas today, and two faceplates are on sale now at the Sony Store — one each for The Order: 1886 and Little Big Planet 3. Both are available in "very small quantities" for $24.99 each. And there are more on the way. Sony says in a blog post that it is "planning on launching new faceplate designs in the near future."

The "HDD bay cover" is now a custom faceplate

There's even a new video online showing you how to swap out your "faceplate." It's all highly unusual: the so-called faceplate is really just the cover to the system's user-changeable hard drive. The PS4 user manual, for instance, makes no mention whatsoever of the customizable faceplates. It's worth noting that special-edition consoles in Japan have shipped with laser-etched faceplates in the past, but this is the first time that Sony has marketed and sold these pieces of plastic as official "faceplates."

ps4 hard drive swap

And apparently there are more impromptu customization features in the works, as the Project Skylight team writes that it is "also planning a few other fun enhancements to this personalization initiative and will have more to share soon." Who knows what they'll come up with next.