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Music video of ghostly Paul McCartney will please conspiracy theorists

Music video of ghostly Paul McCartney will please conspiracy theorists


Do you have hope for the future of music?

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Earlier this year, the co-writer of the Emmy award-winning "Ebony and Ivory," Sir Paul McCartney, released the yet-to-win-an-Emmy "Hope for the Future." Because the tune was attached to the credits sequence of the first-person shooter video game Destiny, many of McCartney's fans, who remember him best from his time with Wings, were unable to hear the latest piece. Today, that changes with the publication of the official "Hope for the Future" music video.

Now, I don't mean to spread rumors, but I recall a theory that McCartney, the co-writer of Elton John's cover of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," died in a car wreck in 1966, and was replaced with a look-alike. The "Hope for the Future" music video is the best proof yet that the McCartney who stands before us is not the same McCartney that wrote so many beloved songs for Peter and Gordon all those years ago.

No, this McCartney is a sentient hologram, who has hope for the future, because we flesh bags, foiled by our mortal coil, will undoubtedly succumb to time. But McCartney 2.0 will blink and flash through the inevitable apocalypse. Perhaps he will form an insect band with the cockroaches that remain. I can see it now: Paul McCartney, lead singer of The Bugs.

For the next few hours, Wired has the video exclusive. You can find it here. While you're there, be sure to listen to the the "Mirwais remix."