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Hachette will sell its books through Twitter with exclusive bonus gifts

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Amazon and Hachette recently patched up their public feud, but that's not stopping the book publisher from experimenting with new ways of selling its titles. Hachette has announced that it plans to start offering book purchases directly through Twitter this week. To do so, it's partnered up with Gumroad, whose platform will power the native in-Twitter buying experience. Only a few authors will be taking part in Hachette's first attempt to turn tweets into sales; Amanda Palmer, astronaut Chris Hadfield, and The Onion are slated for this round, but others will likely follow.

Would an autograph from Chris Hadfield pull you away from Amazon?

Each will include an exclusive, limited edition gift for those who buy through the Twitter experiment. Palmer will include a page from the original manuscript for her book The Art of Asking — complete with notes from herself, her editor, and Neil Gaiman, Palmer's husband and fellow author. Hadfield will throw in a signed, original photo. And The Onion's editors have compiled note cards showcasing their 12 favorite magazine covers. The incentives make for a nice bonus for consumers who might normally head straight to Amazon for their purchase. For its own part, Twitter hasn't yet proven that it can successfully get the timeline to pull double duty as a marketplace, but the company hasn't shied away from trying. Palmer's book will go up for in-stream Twitter sales on December 11th; Hadfield and The Onion will follow on the 15th and 18th, respectively. Hachette says each will be available in limited quantities, and only for a limited time.