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Apple battles lawyers over release of Steve Jobs deposition video

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Lawyers from the Associated Press, Bloomberg, and CNN are fighting to publicize footage from the late Steve Jobs' deposition, reports CNET. The never-before-seen testimony was filmed just six months before Jobs' death, and features the late Apple CEO explaining the company's stance on security, his observations about the company, and more. In it, he described iTunes competitors who were locked out by the security system as "collateral damage."

The two-hour video deposition was aired last week as evidence in a long-running iPod/iTunes antitrust lawsuit, where Apple was accused of attempting to shut out competitors. Attorney Thomas Burke noted on a Monday filing that there was no justification in restricting access to the clip after it was used as "regular testimony" in a court, especially given the sheer amount of public interest in the material. He also made an official email request to Apple's lead attorney, who replied saying that the tech giant did not consent to the request. A more substantive response is being created by Apple. The companies represented by Burke also protested sealing the video retroactively as a transcript is already available online.