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You can now negotiate prices with Amazon sellers

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In its ongoing quest to do and offer everything, Amazon is today adding a new Make An Offer option that allows buyers and sellers to negotiate a mutually agreeable price. Starting out with 150,000 items across Amazon's stores for collectibles and fine art, the scheme lets you submit your own valuation on a given product, which the seller can then agree to, reject, or respond to with a counter offer. It's not an auction format like eBay since these discussions are done privately and the amount paid will never exceed the item's listed price. In short, it's a haggling facility for web purchases, and it's been warmly welcomed by at least one of Amazon's third-party sellers. Spencer Eggers of Coast to Coast Collectibles believes it will broaden his customer base and increase customer loyalty because of the direct interaction it provides. The extra flexibility, he says, "will be like a Black Friday sale 365 days a year."