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YouTube's top 2014 videos include a spider dog and a bending iPhone

YouTube's top 2014 videos include a spider dog and a bending iPhone

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YouTube has just released its annual list of top trending videos, which the company says is compiled based on views, shares, comments, likes, and other criteria. This year, the chart is led by Spider Dog. "Mutant Giant Spider Dog," to be more specific, is a clip from Polish prankster SA Wardega, who thought dressing his dog Chica as a super-sized spider and terrifying random passersby would make for YouTube gold. With over 113 million streams, it seems he was proven right.

Taking second place is a Nike ad featuring some of soccer's most prominent stars including Neymar Jr. and Ronaldo. Third is the viral clip that gathered 20 "strangers" to meet for the first time and immediately lock lips in a kiss. Of course, the reality of the situation proved to be a bit different than it first appeared; the participants are actors, models, and musicians — and the entire spot was actually an ad for a clothing company.

Next is a powerful performance from The Voice Italy that's racked up 66 million views. And after that? The infamous iPhone 6 Plus bend test that caused an eruption of controversy and a serious public relations headache for Apple. Others in the top 10 include a puppy-filled Budweiser Super Bowl commercial, a rap video pitting Goku against Superman, and an alarming look at the street harassment many women in New York City contend with every day. For its separate music video category, YouTube has Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" taking top honors with over 715 million plays. (Yep, lots of people are turning to YouTube as their music source.) Shakira also makes quite a showing, account for two spots in the list; Enrique Iglesias, Taylor Swift, and Nicky Minaj also cracked the top 10. For the full run-through, head over to YouTube's blog.