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The Rock fights an earthquake in this trailer for San Andreas

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If this trailer gives us one thing, it's more GIFs of The Rock

The first trailer for San Andreas, a spiritual successor to Roland Emmerich's entire career, is online. We know the film will be of the fantasy genre, because in its universe Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, a man so muscular he can barely fit inside a compact car, will play the role of rescue helicopter pilot.

According to the San Andreas plot summary, a magnitude 9 earthquake snaps the state of California like a saltine cracker. Amid the chaos, The Rock and his estranged wife must travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco to save their daughter, but don't think that means they're getting back together, okay!

The film has seven writer credits on IMDb, and no connection to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Here's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson trying to suck up all of the planet's air.

San Andreas

Here's a perfectly good microwave getting super-soaked.

San Andreas

Here's a scrapped scene from Peter Pan Live!

San Andreas

San Andreas is scheduled to assault theaters in May 2015. Earlier this year, a team of roughly 300 scientists said a big earthquake could hit California in the coming decades. They did not say whether or not Dwayne Johnson could bodyslam said 'quake into submission.