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Up close with the beautiful 20th anniversary PlayStation 4

Nostalgia in a box

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Less than a week ago, Sony revealed that it would be celebrating the original PlayStation's 20th anniversary in style. To mark the milestone, the company has released a limited edition version of the PS4 in the same pale grey color scheme as the very first PlayStation. And it's more than just a new paint job, as the machine has plenty of small touches that will cause a flood of nostalgia, including a faceplate with a pattern made from the familiar square, triangle, circle, and X featured on the face buttons of every PlayStation controller. The controller's touchpad has the same subtle etched effect, and it looks great. There's also a 20th anniversary badge that lets you know just how limited these grey boxes are.

It's a fitting tribute for a console that helped usher in a new age of 3D gaming with classics like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII, and it might even be nicer than the slick white version of the PS4 that Sony launched earlier this year bundled with Destiny. Unfortunately, there's a good chance you won't be able to get your hands on one. Only 12,300 will be made — a nod to the original's December 3rd launch date — and while pre-orders only kicked off on Saturday, the console went out of stock fast. Some scrupulous folks are already selling their's for exorbitant prices. Oh well, there's always the 30th anniversary.