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Bose products return to the Apple store

Bose products return to the Apple store

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After being absent from Apple's retail locations and online store for over a month, Bose products have now come back to the US and Canadian Apple Stores. Bose headphones and speakers, which compete with products from Apple's Beats brand, are available in North America both online and in-store, so if someone you know has a SoundLink Mini on their Christmas list, you should soon (once again) be able to visit your nearest Apple Store to take care of it.

The repaired business relationship suggests that Apple and Bose are back on the same page after a contentious few months that saw the two electronics makers at odds with one another. Earlier this year, they settled to narrowly avoid a courtroom battle over noise-cancellation patents. Bose has also tried to boost its own headphone line by signing an exclusive pact with the NFL — locking out Beats in the process — but that move has failed to pull many professional athletes away from Beats. Even so, the aggressive tactics may have irritated Apple and played into its decision to boot Bose from its lucrative retail shops in mid-October. Now it would appear the once-deteriorating relationship has taken a turn for the better.

Update December 10th, 12:45AM: Bose products are now available once again in the US and Canada Apple Stores.