[Yo Dawg] Let's Talk About Embedded Videos on The Verge


Like many long-time readers of The Verge, I've noticed a recent push to better advertise Verge Video segments, whether it be on the front page, at the Video hub, or even at the bottom of the page (just above comments). But today, I noticed something not quite right:


It's a video segment subtitled "Verge Video Archives. Quite understandable, if the video about Kickstarters helping the homeless had anything whatsoever to do with the article about T-Mobile family plans. There were other embedded videos littered throughout the articles today, none of them having to do with the article in question. How do I know that it this was intentional? Because it's directly above the tags section. This move seems even stranger if we consider that there is an embedded section of Verge Video (with several videos) directly under that.

Who is in charge of this new layout (I caution even calling it that, because the videos are part of the article, not the overall site layout)? If the sire is going to force even more compulsory videos between the body and the comments, could they please at least be relevant. Or better yet, could you tweak the More From The Verge section to embed these videos instead? It really, REALLY is quite annoying, since all it does is add noise to your signal.

To the wider The Verge audience: any thoughts? Have you even noticed this change?