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Jake Gyllenhaal meets his doppelganger in this creepy trailer for 'Enemy'

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Last year director Denis Villeneuve teamed up with Jake Gyllenhaal for the kidnapping thriller Prisoners, and the pair have a new movie called Enemy that looks like it's going to be even more disturbing. Based on José Saramago's novel The Double, the film follows a teacher — played by Gyllenhaal — dealing with a relationship that's beginning to fall apart. Things take a turn for the bizarre when he stumbles upon an actor — also played by Gyllenhaal — that looks exactly like him.

Enemy was actually shot before the duo worked on Prisoners, and the trailer feels like an unnerving mix of De Palma and Dostoyevsky. It will hit theaters in the US on March 14th, but DirecTV customers will get an exclusive early look when it hits the satellite provider's video-on-demand service on February 6th.