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15-minute 'Game of Thrones' season four preview shows everybody wants revenge

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No one is ever safe in Game of Thrones, but Tyrion Lannister is apparently in for a particularly tough time in the fourth season of the HBO show. In a detailed 15-minute preview of the season, which premieres in April, Game of Thrones' cast and creators explain why fan-favorite Tyrion won't be able to sweet talk his way out of trouble this time. They also reminisce about the most memorable moments from the show's past, say which character's death affected them the most, and outline what they're looking forward to in the upcoming season. That season, the show's writers and directors say, won't share its predecessors' slow starts, as wronged parties across George R. R. Martin's low-fantasy world exact their revenge. Expect action — and increasingly large dragons — from the first episode, due on April 6th.