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HTC breaks even in final months of 2013, but forecasts a losing start to new year

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htc one 1020 (verge stock)
htc one 1020 (verge stock)

HTC's Q4 2013 financial numbers are out today and the company has suffered yet another decline in sales. Whereas the last quarter of 2012 returned NT$60 billion, the past year reached only NT$42.9 billion. That's a drop of 28 percent, which in US figures translates to going from roughly $2 billion to $1.4 billion. It has ultimately led to a narrow $10 million net profit, but the company's operations are clearly not in good order as the operating margin was a negative 3.7 percent. Worse news is yet to come for the opening of 2014, with HTC forecasting even lower revenue, somewhere in the region of NT$35 billion ($1.15 billion), and a net loss.

Company chair Cher Wang today told Reuters that HTC intends to develop a stronger mid- and low-end smartphone portfolio, comments which have been echoed by CEO Peter Chou in today's earnings release. Chou also reiterates a priority for the company that has now grown into a chronic issue by saying that "we are going to communicate better with consumers." If HTC is going to turn its fortunes around, that'll surely be an important first step, but any hopes for an imminent revival seem to have been dashed by today's downbeat numbers.