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Lego creates three minutes of British ads worth watching

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Lego Movie UK ad
Lego Movie UK ad

The Lego Movie may have opened in US theaters last week, but it doesn’t grace British shores until Friday. To celebrate the UK launch, Warner Bros. has teamed up with British broadcaster ITV to produce a Lego powered ad break. Instead of airing a typical full-length trailer, ITV worked with Warner Bros. to recreate some popular UK ads with Lego. The result ran for three minutes on British TV screens last night, after brands teamed up with Bricksports — a company that specializes in recreating sporting events with Lego — to be part of the special ad break.

If you’re British, then the brands are instantly recognizable, but if you’re not then the three-minute ad offers a brief insight into some of the cheesy commercials that air regularly in the UK. Vinnie Jones, a British soccer player-turned-actor, kicks off proceedings in a Lego version of the British Heart Foundation advert. Others include a remake of the insurance ad, a BT internet commercial, and British comedian Lenny Henry converted into a minifigure for the Premier Inn hotel chain. It’s one of the more creative ways to utilize ad breaks, and if they were all made like this it would probably stop viewers from reaching for the remote control.