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'Fish on Wheels' lets a goldfish drive a go-kart

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Fish on Wheels
Fish on Wheels

For millennia, fish have been restrained in their ruthless global conquest by a simple inability to survive on dry land. Lacking the capacity to navigate unsubmerged territories, piscine empires were confined to the sea, while human civilization was left in relative peace on the remaining portions of the Earth.

But this past Friday, the uneasy truce was broken by a device called "Fish on Wheels," which uses computer vision software and an Arduino-controlled go-kart to provide a goldfish named Little Dory with the power of ambulatory motion on dry land. The craft, designed by Studio Diip, tracks the motion of the fish within the tank and drives in whichever direction the fish is swimming. As a result, Little Dory is able to explore her surrounding and gather reconnaissance, as seen in the video below. This version is still small enough to pose little threat to an individual human, but provides a proof of concept for potentially troubling applications in the future.